flawed religious constraints

Religion has always been a thorny issue. On innumerable occasions, I have given audience to an unending skit performed by religious cast, forming the theist sphere. The script is saddening and despite the fact that there is a call for religious tolerance, intolerance seems to be taking centre stage .One party will virtuously laud its beliefs and throw scorn at parties that hold divergent views. A. snippet of how intolerance is deeply  anchored. With all the knowledge at our disposal, that has bred intellectual ferocity, we should all be armed to tackle intolerance, an inherently flawed and an incoherent concept. A stumbling block to peaceful
coexistence in ever growing cosmopolitan society . Antagonism between theistic beliefs, has since time immemorial fuelled religious wars. Quite ironical since
they mutilate the key role of religion which is love a major ingredient for peace and harmony .A stimulant of these wars has always been the extreme wings inherent in different religious outfits characterized by
traditional conservative ideologies.

The world’s two major religions, Christianity and Islam have been used to orchestrate a lot of atrocities in the world. Some folks will shy away from saying terrorism is associated with Islam and Christianity ,the truth of the matter is that terrorism is associated with the two and the chief architects of terrorism are radical Muslims and Christians. Terrorism activities are instigated against each of them owing to their conflicting beliefs.

To alleviate intolerance I personally believe theists should take a liberal approach to religion, a move that
will disintegrate extreme conservatives who twist religious texts for their own selfish needs.it will also break dogmas that are not healthy in a contemporary society.



As I pen this down , am contemplating  between choosing what to give preference ,torn between continuing to write and getting stuck in a world of reminisce ,clouded by nostalgia .I reluctantly yet willingly subdue to the latter. Nothing could be of solace to writing because its only hope, my hands, had been numbed by the mere and intriguing early childhood and teenage memories that flushed in front me.

The flashbacks are courtesy of the most important person in my life, the pillar of my strength, the spring of joy and happiness ,the dashboard unto which I realign myself ,to me she is an artist ,but not your ordinary day Tom ,Dick and Harry kind of artist, she has no equivalence ,she has moulded me to the best of her ability ,to the person I am today and in this world that is analogous to an art gallery, people storm  to see and envy her priceless work of art.

Am up to the task ,a divine one , something greater than a vocation ,of ensuring that what she is to read ,infiltrates ,cascades to the deepest of depths in her, something that will rejuvenate her for eternity ,that one stimuli  will send pulses to merge her mind ,body and soul giving the trio that it needs .i want it to rock her  boat, not to capsize it but give her that soothing breeze a replica of what she gave me, just trying although am convinced I  can   not  reciprocate what is quantifiable to hers .

She really used her canvas well to colour and paint my life as a kid. she ensured I ate healthy, I was clean and neatly dressed, gave me company and comfort .she was my favourite artist my playlist featured the songs she sung to me, I believe she could have scooped majority of the world acclaimed awards ,she didn’t even try to compete in those cause am pretty sure she was a force to reckon with. Her music had magic that could drift me to sleep once a need for rest came calling.

When you talk  of beauty she was and still is the embodiment of that ,but that beauty could at times desert her ,and once I saw that unfriendly look on her ,I knew that something was evidently amiss. this leading to the fact that she rarely used a rod on me, but when  there was something  in me that needed to be taken out ,she hesitantly  yet hurriedly consulted the rod. The lushes that I got checked me back on truck. she detested anything that contravened ethics and morals. Like her she always wanted me to be a custodian of morals.

The most important thing that you should always cling to and consult at all times is education, that’s the chorus she always gave me   before I went to school .she always believed that education is key, it’s a fundamental tool in eradicating ignorance a   vice  that gives birth to  contempt .Today   I can boldly testify to it that that her principles and beliefs were true. She   is  indeed a  prophetess that has not been documented. But she has one document deeply inscribed in me.

Today I can stand to be counted, having   been equipped by requisite tools to fit in this food web that has scarce resources, and let my impact be felt. Thank you mother for all that ,and as you always say leave the world a better place than you found it, this is my guiding principle and I promise you that, I will leave it a better place .Words can not account to what you have done and continuing to do .My partying shot is I LOVE YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY……………………………………………….

Yours loving child

Any child out there.


    my playlist             

The day dawns as i listen to i surrender by Hillsong,this song not only touches my heart and gives the spiritual caress my body needs ,but also sets me in that mood to give unending and unquantified praise and worship to the Almighty GOD.At some instant my mind and thinking capacity is pricked,trying to come to terms with what exactly is religion.I  have always believed ,its not a rocket science kind of topic  to indulge in and give  a pondering  it deserves, because at the end of the day regardless of the number of religious factions and denominations we have ,we cling our beliefs to the same goal and that is serving God and adhering to His  dIvine commandments.its a shame ,its a mockery that today disillusioned minds have hypnotized their blind religious groups into believing that their religious practices and God is superior to the others. This brainwashing and radicalizing has seen the world go through wars,terrorism and genocides that have killed and maimed millions of millions ,the lives that are meant to be respected and protected are being  given an abattoir kind of service across the globe.I am a christian and to date i have never given shrugged other religious practices ,but if that religious practice does not uphold morally acceptable codes of conduct i will be its first executioner.

My ears are busy trying to pull a dance as my body is slowly giving in to the moves of this song nerea by sauti sol ,amos and josh, the issue of abortion has been a contentious one ,our legislators trying to give an indepth look into it ,religious stands, societal with an deep rooted african view ,contemporary and scientific insight,but today all i wanna do is listen to nerea ,the message  and rhymes are well crafted .Every child deserves to live ,to see his /her full potential regardless of the circumstances surrounding the birth,the great men and women that have transformed our world were once kids ,some rose from grass to grace , some from deplorable to lavish conditions, who would ever think that a child born of african blood would be the president of The united States.Let that child live,let that child get access to basic and social amenities because that child is the child that will propel the world to greater heights.

This jukebox gets me all patriotic, Erick Wainaina daima kenya ,well woven,poetic eminence  and intertwined lyrics .Kenya is greater than you and me,we should give allegiance to the dictates of our national anthem,be partisan to what it calls us to do.We may have our ups and downs as a country, but the spirit of togetherness will always see us through shaky spells.Lets shun tribalism,lets cherish our diverse cultures  neither of the tribes is greater than the other ,nor is any individual greater than the other , but we  are greater as a one tribe called Kenya.I believe all the social injustices and evils in our nation begin with these chronic tumour called tribalism,once we cut its roots the tree with its stems,buds,branches,leaves and flowers will dry .Am proud of this great nation huku hakuna matata.

This album In the land of the Lion by the Moipei quartet steals my music mood and sets in a different perception of life and wellbeing of any child growing up in an ever growing food web that needs certain adaptation to survive in it owing to scarcity of resources.As much as emphasize should be given to books ,talents are key and an ample atmosphere should be availed.This four lovely songbirds are in their teens but what they have achieved is far beyond anybodies dream,Its a plea to parents,guardians,the government and education stakeholders that they should invest to nurture talents and a thumbs up to the Moipei parents for the parenthood.

 My playlist continues…….


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Sampson ”Sam”Berns

Sampson Gordon “Sam” Berns was an American who suffered from Progeria( an extremely rare genetic disorder  that is characterised by a premature aging symptom at an early age) and helped raise awareness about the disease. He was the subject of the HBO documentary Life According to Sam.Born on  October 23, 1996, providence in the united states  to parents, Scott Berns and Leslie Gordon, both pediatricians, received their son’s diagnosis when he was less than two years of age. Roughly a year later, they established they teamed up to form the Progeria research  foundation that was instrumental in  creating and  increasing awareness of the condition, to promote research into the underlying causes of and possible treatments for the disease, and to offer resources for the support of sufferers and their families.Sam succumbed to the disease and passed on January 10, 2014,  Foxborough ,Massachusetts,United States.

I  had a recap of the late Sam   talk on TEDx show and to me Sam is not  dead he still leaves on because the message he conveyed has that ability of soothing my mind intriguing my thinking captivating my reasoning it pulled my inner self together telling me that even if i have been maimed in heart mind and soul before then its time that i soldiered on beating all odds to ensure i illuminate the once dark part of my alley and ensure it does not dim again.

Despite the fact that  Sam knew that his lifespan was short lived due to the condition ,he never felt sorry for himself he believed in so doing he would waste his energy and that he would probably enter into a paradox  where there is no room  for happiness and other emotions .Lesson learnt is that some distractions in life are inevitable and you wont do yourself any good by whining and crying foul over them,pull a sam stunt go face them head to head and its my belief that conquering them will come your way.

Sam physically lived for 18yrs but he as able to touch  a lot of hearts and indeed he will touch more in years to co.challenge  yourself not to exit this world minus doing something it does not need to be as big as such ,the little efforts matter so much ,leave the world a better place than you found it.Let your name colour the hearts ,minds and lips of people after your exit.

I will  always eulogise Sam,give him lots of epitaph through the  heart ,mind and paper.Because there are lots of ”Sams” who have gone to rest ,a  vigil in their names will always light my world .I want to  be a ”Sam” let you be a ”Sam” to so we can make this world a better place for ourselves and generations to come.


Times are trying not because the world is unfair but because we have been hypnotized to believe so.

We are the architectures of the direction our voyage will take,how strong we have built it to overcome and stand whirlwinds and stormy seas because they are inevitable. They are  there to mold, craft, strengthen,up our immune so that we can be prepared for anything whether good or bad.

The last thing you will ever do is cowardly bow down to be savoured ,from your flesh to your soul,let nothing scavenge on your remains after a fall.Rise up, dust yourself and boldly face your enemy with your double edged sword.Don’t rest until the enemy is part of your success……..



We are the cast of our own skit,we should all ensure that we give heed to the divine script modeled  for us.it calls upon each and everyone to play his /her role well ,use the props to drive the message home but its sickening that some of us are falling out of play.

At times you sit awaiting news and the brief before the main coverage are nauseating ,year in year out we are still being faced by this dragon that defies mother natures call of every living organism dying. For this we shouldn’t wait or  extend its life span it should be struck by a knife and die instantly, but it seems our some of our warriors are afraid of taking that killing escapade due to the flying kickbacks  they get from it.

Some of the agents of societal transformation in terms of good governance and availing social amenities to its citizens are really failed their calling .A cake that should be enjoyed by every citizen is now being hungrily  eaten by  a select few irrational individuals .

The life of you, me and our generation depends on the actions that we are making right now .lets all stand ,unite in one accord and stem out this cancerous disease that its bound to  plunge our nation into anarchy.Our kids will judge us for what we have done .it all depends on whether you want a negative or positive judgement ,but am not stooping low for a “you failed us dad ” from my kid .

Dear Beloved

Thank you for being you and letting me be me.Thank you for letting me feel how it feels  loving  so much . Thank you for not making me wear any masks or put any filters. Thank you for sharing in my happiest moments ,and for genuinely feeling the same for listening to my saddest stories and radiating compassion and empathy from wherever you are.Thank you for being the only person i want to confide in.Thank you for the late night chats, the whisper talks, the laughs you give and the sloping.

Thank you for being the most beautiful person inside and out.Thank you the scenic view you give to my eyes,your smile an epitome of beauty ,how you dress to kill and thr braids you plate.Thank you for making the world a better place, just by being in it. Thank you for adding colour to my favourite  colors and more warmth to  sunshine i bask . Thank you for loving  me fiercely than anyone i know. Thank you for always redefining selfless ,always putting others before yourself, you are going to change the world as much as you have changed mine

Thank you for the stubborness and the dramas you pull.Thank you for being my rock, my anchor and  for keeping me grounded when i feel like i might otherwise blow away .Thank you for all of the things you do  big or small.Thank you for always knowing what to say, and for being one of lifes best teachers .Thank you for making fun of me when i deserve it and for loving me when i dont .Thank you for staying constant in a world full of change.thank you for setting the bar so high and making it impossible to find someone as rare and unique as you. thank you for making the few weeks we have been a pair feel like forever and for giving me enough memories to last  a lifetime but not ending there thank you for making me hurt wen i miss you but for taking the hurt away when i see you. thank you for loving me thank you for being my person, my love,fulfilling my hearty desires. Thank you for giving me these reasons and a million more to be thankful for.

Today I will Let the world know how much I crave for you, how much you mean the world to me for this I will always be there for you,I will be true to you more than truth itself.

Twin Flames: the meaning of the Infinity symbol, and the creation of the triality

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The Ascended Master Saint Germain began with an image of two circles that symbolized the separate entities before remembering the Twin Flame journey. He continued by showing the infinity symbol and described how this was the beginning of the Twin Flames journey.

As the two circles come closer together and begin to form the two halves of the eight, (infinity symbol) this symbolized the beginning of the coming together of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Through working together -whether in the physical or the etheric realms- they would experience within the inner eye of the heart the moving energies as they traveled around the infinity symbol. As the two energies meet in the middle they can be clearly seen as the magnetic energies of the Divine Feminine and the electric energies of the Divine Masculine.

As they meet, energy is released and this is not unlike sparks flying…

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As we as a country and the world at large try  to come to terms with the Garissa attack and the demise that befall the 147 plus souls. those hard hit are the families of the  deceased students .they had bagged their entire hopes in their kids to transform their livelihood.they had invested a lot in their education with the hope of better reward. i am a student too and  i know how proud a parent or guardian can be ,but when the hope and pride is shattered ,they are in turn hurt beyond repair not even the test of time can heal the wound en if it does the scar will still be fresh and hurt.

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